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connecting knowledge with work

What you get:

realistic learning opportunities

your students will apply in real life and understand at a practical level complex working systems

fast educational feedback

we provide the right feedback to refine the educational offerings

increased hiring rates after graduation

internships will help your students find their unique voice and value

stronger business connections

we open contacts with our business network for potential collaboration beyond the internship program 

What we do for you:   

valuable network

we find opportunities where your students can attain a great professional experience thereby increasing post graduation hiring rates 

thorough evaluation

we design and collaboratively build qualitative and quantitative evaluations into our programs

deep integration

1. we pay attention to your syllabus and make connections in the workplace. students will effectively build on top of their academic knowledge and will engage deeper with the content
2. working together in a tight feedback loop with all stakeholders to create custom made, realistic learning environments
3. we pay close attention to integrating transversal skills into professional life