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focus on your mission

What you get:

more Focus

you are not here to pay attention to interns but to do your great work. We'll make sure interns are pulling in the same direction

increased Productivity

1. you have some good people working for you but they have to take lots of precious time to repeat the same thing to the new interns at the beginning and later they're constantly interrupted by the questions the new intern has
2. wouldn't it be nice for interns to hit the ground running? Imagine the intern quickly becomes part of your team and adds value to your mission? Interns want that, you want that, let's make it happen

faster Innovation

1. you have so many ideas to explore and to understand but not much time, emotional and mental energy to look into it before jumping in?
2. do you want to see how new ideas and skills can transform your project?

flexible Workforce

how nice would it be to be able to scale up and down when it is needed. volunteers and interns would be a good solutions as long as they are getting something out of it. 

tested Talent pipeline

statistics prove that hiring after internships leads to happier, longer more stable tenure while "gut feeling" hiring yields about 10% success. 
While the right people get to work with the future hire, peers and immediate managers have a thorough perspective on functional and cultural fit. No interview can do that.

What we do for you:   

Design On-boarding 

optimise and closely monitor the on-boarding process for high performance

position Design

we assess your needs and look for maximum benefits for your and your intern


making sure that the short list candidates are a close fit with your needs
legal matters and other administrative and time intensive tasks

Continuous monitoring

we follow work load, motivation levels, stressors, to maintain sharp focus

Wrapping up

design analysis and final evaluation for improvement

Continuous improvement

we improve quickly throughout an internship, and from a generation to another. We adapt to fast changing conditions