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personalised learning and meaningful work

What you get:

Test drive a career 

Do you want to actually see if your dream job is what your expected?
Do you want to build see what it takes to be where you want to get?
Did you find meaningful work?

On-the-job training

So you decided what you want to do. 
Do you want to get really good faster? 
 Build upon the academic knowledge, see its limitations

International work environment experience

The world is global. People come from a variety of backgrounds, jokes are not the same, being outspoken is sometimes praised or an insult depending who you speak to in the same team. 

Quicker job offer

You studied X, nice! but what did you actually do?

Higher starting wage

can you hit the ground running? 
the faster you can become productive the better you are.
What we do for you:   

Align goals

In cooperation with our organisational partners we design a program that gives you real practical learning as well as meaningful tasks

Reflection&Development Time guaranteed

Continuous doing without reflection is a rat's race. We make this a thorough educational experience for you 

Continuous Monitoring & Mentoring

Learning is a hard balance between boredom and stress. We're paying attention that you get the right amount of challenge.

Personal Learning Network

we strive to build a network where you can both contribute and gain knowledge and skills. 


We'll help you with legal matters, housing, all needed to allow you to focus on the educational experience and learning about local customs and culture is part of it.