Touching Beauty

Phase II
Touching Beauty

Objective:  Delve into humanity's most gripping ideas.

    What you do

    A. Go through the materials under each theme. For each topic, you'll build an answer (in any media: text, sounds, object, etc.) to something that you found particularly interesting. 

    B. In coordination with us you will research one aspect of your choice. This will be your contribution to the curriculum and you will be able to shed some light on the topic and explain your choice.

    C. Prepare a 3min documentary entitled "ME:". This is due the first day of summer school.

    D. Financials: We can make this program work for 2000Euro
    Shared accommodation, food, pomegranate juice for the three weeks of August 2013 in Berlin.

    At the beginning of the process we'll negotiate your financial contribution.  - depending on several factors (donations, size of the program, other types of contributions, etc.) we are ready and happy to reduce the cost.  
    Payment will be made in a maximum of two instalments due: 
      1st May 31 
      2nd July 1st

    All pomegranate team works unpaid. 

    What we're looking for: Common background, self-direct knowledge, active participation
    What you get: Constant feedback and guidance, Help when you get stuck, freedom when you flow