Initial Contact

Phase I: Initial contact
Say "Hi!"

Objective: Making sure we can be good for each other.

    What you do: 

    A. Click on Get in now! 
            Tell us: 
  • a bit about you: send us links, grades, pictures, movies, descriptions etc. whatever your worked on or are interested in. We like to hear about you did as well as what you aspire to do.
  • why you'd be interested to participate
      Keep it informal! We'll ask for more if we need to.

    B. We'll answer in a few days with the next steps.

    What we're looking for:  We want to meet you, we want to make sure you put some thought into it, we want to discourage flippant interest. Phase I is a serious process and the foundation of all that is to come, we might ask you questions, want to meet you on Skype.