What to expect...

Pomegranate turns everything into delicious learning. That is why we're constantly rethinking why we are taking every step, what steps to take and how to take them. 
For 2013 we bring a new vision:
  1. admission is preparation
  2. the summer school in a great experience
  3. a tight, lively and exciting alumni community

Admission is Preparation

We'll go together through the pomegranate materials online. We are building a common and diverse vocabulary of ideas to serve as background for the summer academy. We work with each participant to achieve a deep interaction with the material.
Like everywhere else in pomegranate, participants are not the passive recipients of information: 
You'll contribute directly by choosing one particular topic that interests you more, and look into a specific item and create the type of response that interests you. Initiative and thoughtfulness are highly appreciated.
You'll get a hand all along.

Summer school is an experience

August in Berlin will be great. You'll become an explorer, an experimenter, a leader, a child, an artist. 
Now it's all about you and people around you. We listen to each other, we play together, think and build all sorts of things together. 
Be ready to do things out of your confort zone, to be loud and to be quiet, to jump up with joy and to be subtle and gentle. 

Alumni community

We are thinking of the best ways to stay in touch and keep on learning together. Would you like to get into new things? Bounce ideas around? Get inspired? 
The Pomegranate Alumni and community is here for continuous learning and continuous challenges.