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working vision

We are here to bring a contribution to society by advancing the conditions in which curiosity, empathy and creativity will flourish, for a richer and a more beautiful life for everybody. 

We are here to learn. We do not already know but we commit to using the best tools we find and to be humble enough to relentlessly improve the tools we use.

We set ambitious targets. We are going to fail but we will fail better every time.

The team is better than any individual. Having the same target means that we will support and push each other to be the best that we can be, as well as putting aside our narrow self-interest for the best solution possible.

We love data but we're not its slaves. We aim to make decisions based on the best data available but we don't hide behind the data - we dream and work for things beyond what is uncontroversially measurable.

We fail and succeed together. We move together from the initial unbridled creativity to a highly polished framework. We marry creativity with discipline, learning and enjoyment at every level.