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Lucian is the caretaker for pomegranate.

At the moment he is concerned mainly with moving the pomegranate seedling into fertile soil, some place in the sun where lovely and passionate people will water it when needed. 
When he closes his eyes, Lucian dreams that pomegranate will soon delight and nurture everybody who comes in contact with it.

Lucian often asks "why", "what does this mean", "do we really want this", “can we do this better” and "how do we know". At his ideal party, people would split up in groups and work on identifying the nuances involved in understanding a problem, with a view to facilitating behavioral change and make things happen.
Lucian is interested in things that build cohesive groups on a foundation of trust. He believes in priorities, documentation, and feedback loops, but most of all he believes people are at the center of any endeavour.

In the past few years Lucian got a taste of a big university at NYU, instigated Permanent Hospitality and got his life changed in the small paradise for learning at ECLA