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Jessica St. John is a traveler, photographer, spiritual seeker, and teacher. 

Very interested in alternative education, she has noticed a hole in the curriculum of most educational institutions and programs. Never taught how to recognize and deal with emotions, students everywhere are being educated in settings that focus primarily on educating the mind as opposed to educating and developing their being. Believing in the human species' ability to expand its consciousness, she wants to help others begin their journeys of discovery that will ultimately lead them to empowering and fulfilling lives. The answers for healing and happiness are within ourselves if we take the time and muster the courage to heal ourselves first.

A recent graduate of Colorado State University, Jessica studied Liberal Arts focusing on International Development, Peace and Reconciliation Studies, and Asian Studies. She has taught as an English as a second language teacher in South Korea and traveled extensively throughout Asia. Afterwards, she returned to Berlin where she learned German, developed her skills as a photographer, and began the life changing process of facing herself.

Through personal research of various spiritual practices, she has incorporated many techniques into her daily life that have made all of the difference. Strongly believing in the ability within each person to better their lives through intentional and focused effort, she wants to teach a few of these exercises to students at Citizen before they delve into controversial and emotionally trying topics. Let the deeper understanding begin!