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Amelia is re-learning to be curious.

I believe that curiosity is the most important thing missing from the priorities of many education systems today. While I believe that discipline is essential, when blindly associated with the fear of failure is one of the driving factors behind many people closing off life options for assured success but not necessarily satisfaction. 

Satisfaction in all of life is a North American (and spreading) ideal which is unreasonable and highly broad casted. To remain un-jaded, which, to me, comes along with true satisfaction, is not focused on along with this American happiness ideal. Being an American and seeing the effect this bulldozer mentality has on the environment and the psyche, I strive, but am not always successful, to keep my eyes wide, ears open and my judgments flexible. 

I'm interested in Pomegranate because I believe the concept behind it is to inspire people to develop intelligent, informed ideas, to keep asking questions, keep the mind open and communicate.