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Living ideas.

Pomegranate is a careful blend of techniques that create a safe environment where participants can explore, rediscover and practice their creativity and innate curiosity, in a tight-knit community while being in contact with some of the greatest work humanity produced throughout the centuries and cultures.

Unforgettable experience. We believe that education is what remains after one has forgotten everything one has learned in school which is why we focus on creating a simply awesome experience.

Important topics. We chose the topics most likely to make it on any list about the important things in life. 

Great content. We constantly look around for fantastic perspectives, subtle nuances or unexpected angles. We gather nuggets from various cultures and times, as well as from the various fields of human endeavour.  

Peer-to-peer. Important topics and great content are but the first stepping stone. A community of enthusiastic peers will bring their own highly nuanced perspectives. Together we'll practice empathy, communication and teamwork. 

Immersive participation. There is no room where participants sit still while getting a lecture. Our classroom is the world, we'll be out and about, experiencing things, recreating ideas, imagining worlds, building, experimenting, trying to understand who we are in our specific context.