Why is a new method of education necessary?

Much of the best education today focuses only on transmitting objective knowledge, such that people can become productive tools in society, a byproduct of the industrial and scientific revolutions. We feel that this process often causes students to become estranged from the thrill of learning. Their natural creativity is buried. This sort of education aims to provide us with our livelihood, but largely ignores what makes life worth living.

In today’s world, this set of priorities, at best unsatisfying - at worse damaging, isn't for everyone. We seek to pursue an alternative.

How will all of this work?

We focus on just a handful of crucial topics: Love, Death, and Happiness; Body, Food, and Money. But these are considered, analyzed, and discussed through a variety of lenses. Sciences such as psychology, anthropology and history come together with philosophy and law, as well as the arts, including painting, architecture, music and film, along with a diversity of spiritual thought. These lenses help to formulate a highly integrated and nuanced view of the core topics.

For example, Love might be examined through texts from the fields of psychology, biochemistry, and philosophy, with various films, paintings, and musical compositions providing yet more angles from which to think of the topic.

Participants come here to immerse themselves in a variety of perspectives. To facilitate this, conversations will take place in small groups in which each person will contribute their ideas, and work on understanding others' points of view deeply. Individually and in groups we will go beyond language, reflecting on and actively using other media to shed light on complex topics.

Additionally movement, in the form of hiking and gentle yoga for example, is an important part of the program. Our participants don't need to be athletic but we are determined to exercise physical and cognitive capacities at the same time. We will complement this with delicious and nutritious food while creating the conditions for intense community life.

Pomegranate will nourish the most important traits in the world: Empathy, Curiosity and Creativity.

What is Pomegranate?

Pomegranate might be school, or an educational method, but none of these words feels quite right for what we're trying to do. Perhaps it's easier to begin by saying what Pomegranate isn't: a traditional educational program. We're trying something new.

We aim to kick-start a new way of looking at life by expanding knowledge of what is possible, crystallising the choices and sharpening the tools. We hope to provide a framework which alumni will be able to continue developing and polishing throughout their lives. Beyond the great time they enjoy here, they will have a stronger personal mission statement to use as compass for their important decisions and as a path to transform thoughts and words into reality.

Pomegranate in a dictionary?

1. delicious fruit, relatively hard to eat, staining, made up of small but delicious arils
2. educational framework exploring and experimenting with educational paradigms
3. the mix of educational materials and techniques used to achieve educational targets
4. a summer school taking place in Berlin in August 2013 
1. as in "pomegranate this", transforms "this" into a juicy educational resource ( nourishment and assessment included )